Case Study June 18, 2020

Bergen Kino Drives Hyper-Personalized Online Discovery & Ticketing with Filmgrail

Bergen Kino's (image: Odd E. Nerbø, Bergen Kino's (image: Odd E. Nerbø,

Despite having a significant loyalty member database and an already well established web presence, Bergen Kino were looking to offer moviegoers an immersive, highly personalized film discovery and ticketing experience on mobile.


In September 2016, Bergen Kino brought on the help of Filmgrail, whose seamless, inherently social solutions seemed like the perfect fit. The goal was to design a custom-built, visually stunning mobile app that would also meet the cinema’s needs to: effortlessly engage with moviegoers on a one-to-one level, create a community of loyal movie fans, and ultimately grow ticket sales. 


Filmgrail’s product design process is distinctively rapid, flexible and user-centric. It focuses on validating – or killing – any product idea or feature through rapid prototyping and user-testing.

The first step was to gain a full understanding of the user journey and map out the pain points typically associated with buying online tickets directly from a movie theater’s website or app. Filmgrail’s project team, which consisted of in-house usability specialists and user experience (UX) designers, quickly identified that today’s moviegoers expect a beautiful, sleek, digital experience before, during and after their cinema visit. Apart from the convenience of buying tickets with a tap of thumb, moviegoers want to browse through the latest movies on-the-go, add them to watch lists, and enjoy a mobile-optimized, fullscreen trailer-watching experience. 

On the basis of these early findings, it took only three months for Filmgrail to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – the first version of the app with just enough features to satisfy the basic needs of moviegoers and provide feedback for future product development. 

With real-time moviegoer feedback gathered on an ongoing basis, Filmgrail then worked on elevating the app’s overall experience, and on developing its social networking features. Profiles were launched, allowing users to track movies they have watched, save those they want to see, post reviews, ‘like’ their friends’ in-app activities, plan future theater visits, and complete payments through a built-in mobile wallet. Stories (full screen trailers in a slideshow format) were launched to offer moviegoers an immersive film discovery experience. Finally, a smart push notification technology empowered the exhibitor with hyper-relevant one-on-one messages, which can be sent to moviegoers at the time they’re most likely to take action, on the devices they prefer.


"Filmgrail has played a determining role in helping us grow our mobile presence and providing an outstanding moviegoing experience beyond the big screen.”

- Daniel Eikeland, Head of Sales & Customer Service at Bergen Kino


The Bergen Kino app, which is built on a robust and modern technology stack, has undergone continuous refinement and rigorous field tests through the years. Since its launch in December 2016, over 25 updates have been released, with many innovative features seeing light, much to the delight of moviegoers. 

With nine out of ten users creating a unique profile on average, as well as thousands of authentic user reviews and ratings written on a weekly basis, the app was successful at rallying movie fans around the cinema brand. 

Today, no less than 30% of the cinema’s tickets are sold via the Bergen Kino app. Even better, the app managed to generate incremental website sales, with an online penetration that increased from 70% to 80% year-to-date.

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