Next-Gen Cinema Apps, Websites and Marketing Solutions 

Engage with your moviegoers, grow your brand and drive ticket sales with our next generation solutions built for cinema theaters worldwide.

Elevate the moviegoer experience beyond the big screen

Our visually stunning mobile apps and websites offer moviegoers a beautiful, immersive digital experience before, during and after their cinema visit. Best of all, our solutions are fully customizable to your brand.

  • Custom-built iOS and Android app
  • Responsive, mobile-first website
  • Custom branded, visually stunning designs
  • Seamless trailer watching, movie browsing & watchlisting functions
Beyond on-the-go ticket purchasing, our solutions are inherently social. The native social networking features make it easy as pie for movie fans to form a close community around your brand.

  • Social features, including ‘likes’ & friends connections
  • Authentic reviews & ratings
  • Group planning tools
  • In-app ticket sharing
Our omnichannel content features allow you to leave siloed publications in the past, and deliver content on both mobile and the web in one go. 

  • Unified app and web experience
  • Fully customizable content management system
  • Cross-platform publishing
Reach moviegoers on-the-go and drive them back to you. 
When using our apps, nine out of ten users create a profile. This enables them to track movies they have watched, save those they want to see, post reviews, plan future theater visits and buy tickets. In turn, you capture moviegoers' full online journey and get powerful audience analytics.
  • Cross-platform SSO (single sign-on)
  • Location services
  • Beacon integration
Our smart push notification technology enables you to send one-on-one messages to moviegoers at the time they're most likely to take action, on the devices they prefer. 
  • Automated push notifications
  • SMS campaigns
Analyze messaging effectiveness and improve moviegoer engagement with best in class campaign delivery and reporting. 
  • Campaign delivery reporting

Pack the seats with optimized checkout

Remove the pains of static ticketing software so your team can focus on what really matters: providing outstanding movie-going experiences. Our predictive technology and personalized checkout minimizes any unnecessary steps to achieve conversion goals. 

  • Conversion-optimized ticketing flow
  • One-tap booking
  • Saved credit card details
  • Mobile wallet (incl. saved gift and loyalty cards)
Our natively built websites and apps allow for easy integration with any other solution you have in your stack. From ticketing to point of sales, along with loyalty and CRMs, your Filmgrail solutions connect with any other third-party platform.

  • Full ticketing & payment integration
  • Loyalty program integration
Our simple checkout flow makes it effortless for moviegoers to pre-order food and beverages from you. Remind moviegoers to pre-book their meals, so they can fuel their hungry bellies in no time once at your theater.

  • Concessions in checkout flow
  • Retargeting capabilities

More goodies under the hood

Filmgrail also supports integrations with

Ecommerce & merchandising

Table booking & reservations

VOD streaming over DRM

Other third-party services

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