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As some countries are building towards a gradual relaxation of social distancing restrictions, movie theaters are thinking about how they will reopen and adapt to meet the needs of a changed consumer. At Filmgrail, we have developed this checklist to help cinemas worldwide navigate a contactless post-COVID world.


Offer a seamless contactless booking experience

Combine sanitation with convenience by making it easier than ever for moviegoers to book their tickets through your cinema website or app and avoid queuing at your property. An optimized ticketing flow, which includes one-click/tap booking and saved credit card details, helps elevate the ticket buying experience



Integrate seat distancing into the booking process

Make real-time seat selection an integral part of your checkout flow. Ensure that your seat booking system solution enables on-the-fly seat mapping edits to help you maximize seating capacity while meeting social distancing requirements and maximum capacity restrictions.

Social distancing workaround

If your POS system does not support seat distancing, you can sell your seats unnumbered at a maximum of 25-30% of your total seating capacity (depending on your country/state's specific rules). Enforce every-other-row seating, alternating seating rows between screenings. Carry out a thorough cleaning of your auditorium after two screening sessions.

Embrace paperless, self-scan ticketing

Issue an e-ticket that is stored within your app or sent to your customers via email or text message. By allowing patrons to scan themselves in with a QR code, you not only remove the bottleneck of ticket booth interactions but also reduce queuing to a minimum.



Harness technology to help with contact tracing

For many governments, contact tracing will be a big component of deconfinement measures. Secure that your patrons’ personal details can be easily collected, if required. Make sure that you can easily inform your users of any changes to your privacy policy.

Updating your privacy policy

For many governments, contact tracing will be a big component of deconfinement measures. Secure that your patrons’ personal details can be easily collected, if required. Make sure that you can easily inform your users of any changes to your privacy policy.

Give contactless, self-service concession sales

Make it effortless for customers to pre-order food and beverages straight from your website or app. Send them automatic notifications when they can collect their orders without having to queue.

Avoiding congestion

Considering modifying your film schedules and reducing the number of screenings per day to avoid congestion in the lobby or kiosk area and allow adequate time for cleaning of theaters.

Foster direct communication with your audience

Hyper-personalized communication is crucial for informing your audience of what’s changed at your cinema and rallying them around your brand. Make sure that you have the technical structure to send one-on-one messages to moviegoers at the time they’re most likely to take action, on the devices they prefer.

Inform, inform, inform

Focus on keeping moviegoers safe and healthy by communicating clearly and simply. Then repeat, repeat, repeat. Remember that publishing an info article on your website does not guarantee that your audience will read it. Make sure to send key messages on as many relevant channels as possible, including: your website's homepage, checkout flow, ticket, social media outlets and mobile push notifications. Ensure doing so ahead of the cinema visit to avoid any confusion at your premises.

Leverage social proof to build brand loyalty

More and more movie lovers choose the films they want to watch because of social recommendations. Inherently social cinema websites and apps are no longer a nice-to-have. Reviews, ratings and friends recommendations are essential to keep movie fans engaged and bring them back to the theater.

Group capacity limits

Don't forget to update your app or website's group booking and planning features to meet the maximum group gathering thresholds imposed by your local authorities.

Automate your marketing efforts to do more with less

Stopping marketing efforts post-lockdown era may cut costs, but it could be at the expense of your connection to your moviegoer community. Remove the difficulties of static marketing platforms and harness the power of smart automation technology, so your team can focus on what really matters — providing outstanding movie-going experiences.



Above all else, enforce strict sanitary measures

Keeping up with evolving guidelines is one of the most challenging issues facing exhibitors. However, taking every precaution in order for guests and employees alike to feel safe in your theaters is of utmost priority — especially in today's 'zero-fail' circumstances.

Prioritising hygiene procedures

Consider having existed separate from entrances, providing hand sanitizer for all patrons, monitoring employees' health and making allowance for sick time, making masks available to all employees, providing hand washing and sanitizing stations for patrons and staff, as well as socially distancing employees where allowable.

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