Create more revenue by enriching your connection to your moviegoers.

Pack the seats with custom cinema apps, websites, marketing solutions and more.

Built for Movie Theater Success
Our immersive, inherently social, mobile and web solutions are designed to help exhibitors sell tickets as early and as frequently as possible.

Elevate the moviegoer experience beyond the big screen

Our visually stunning mobile and web solutions offer moviegoers a beautiful, immersive digital experience before, during and after their cinema visit.

Turbocharge your box office marketing

Having the full overview of every moviegoer’s journey helps you effortlessly engage with them on a one-to-one level.

Pack the seats with optimized ticket purchasing

Remove the pains of static ticketing software so your team can focus on what really matters: providing outstanding movie-going experiences.

Showstopping Moviegoer Engagement

know your audience


Nine out of ten of our app and website end-users create unique user profiles. This gives you a full overview of your moviegoers' journey.

Engage with your Audience


Our solutions grant you four times more moviegoer engagement compared to industry benchmarks for standard ticketing websites and apps.

grow your Audience


is the average increase in digital ticket sales your cinema can expect (yearly).

Tailored Customizations & Seamless Integrations

We customize our apps and websites to your brand and automate all integrations with your existing technology stack.

Ecommerce & merchandising

Table booking & reservations

VOD streaming over DRM

Other third-party services

Filmgrail has played a determining role in helping us grow our mobile presence and providing an outstanding moviegoing experience beyond the big screen.

Daniel Eikeland, Head of Sales & Customer ServiceBergen Kino
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