Digital Commerce & Marketing for Cinemas

Engage your Audience, Target your Marketing and Grow your Brand - with our digital commerce solution for Cinemas


Marketing Automation - Powered by AI

Continuously engage your audience in a 1 on 1 conversation based on their tastes and preferences. No actions or inputs required

Concessions & Merchandise Pre-ordering

Our customer journey including concessions in the checkout flow and retargeting has shown that we can triple the probability that audiences buy food & beverages at the cinema

Reviews & Ratings

Instantly turn your audience into a community with hundreds of personal, engaged and constructive reviews from your own audience and through our 

partner network

Smooth Payments - Minimal Clicks

A predictive and personalised checkout experience minimises any unnecessary steps and increases checkout conversions by over 50%

Smart Content & Entertainment Data

Static data belongs to the past. Our smart content technology makes sure the posters, descriptions and trailers that convert best get shown to the right people

Festival & Event Modules

Make sure your audience hears about all events, festivals, and alternative programming you set-up with our festival and event-module

Less work - More Control

Filmgrail automates Content-Creation, Audience-Engagement, Marketing and Targeting, so you free up time to set goals, monitor results and optimize your strategy


Enhance your Brand & Uniqueness

Our apps are fitted for your needs. We can customize each element and automate integrations with external services

Plug & Play

No extra work on your side

Regular Updates

Evolves with your audience

External Integrations

Parking, Restaurant & more

Plug & Play

No extra work on your side

Branded & Customized

Your brand, your audience

Regular Updates

Evolves with your audience

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