The Audience Engagement Platform

for Cinemas

The Mobile First platform that lets you communicate with your audience where they are!

Available internationally

Marketing Automation

Immediately engages your audience in a 1-1 conversation based on their tastes and preferences.

In-app F&B Sales

In-app digital pre-ordering of concessions can up to triple the probability that audiences buy food & beverages at the cinema.

Festival & Event Modules

Custom festival modules and event cinema programming are easy to set-up within the app.

User Reviews & Smart Content

Access hundreds of personal, engaged and constructive reviews from our network of partner cinemas.

One-click Payment

Increases checkout conversions by over 50%, with the elimination of any unnecessary steps.

What are Our Main Advantages?

Our apps are fitted for your needs. We can customize each element and automate integrations with external services. 

Plug & Play

No extra work on your side

Regular Updates

Evolves with your audience

External Integrations

Parking, Restaurant & more

Branded & Customized

Your brand, your audience




Monthly Retention

Daily Engagement

Increased Attendance


Elisabeth Halvorsen

CEO, Bergen Kino

„Filmgrail has delivered value to our cinema from launch, and keeps delivering with every update."

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Some of the Cinemas That Use our Apps

Bergen Kino

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