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Invest in your most loyal fanbase and encourage repeat business

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Give more moviegoer love

Cinema loyalty and membership schemes make moviegoers feel appreciated and give them the satisfaction of a good deal. Filmgrail Loyalty connects with any cinema’s digital loyalty, rewards and membership programs, enabling them to offer a wide-range of rollover benefits and in-store deals to their moviegoers.

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Maximize long-term moviegoer value

For cinemas, increasing visit frequency is essential business. Thankfully, cinemas don’t have to limit their loyalty programs to ticket sales. With Filmgrail Loyalty, points can be earned with every purchase made in food, drink and merchandise sales, as a means of encouraging overall spend per visit.

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Gather vital moviegoer information

For exhibitors, loyalty schemes provide indispensable information about their highest value customers. With Filmgrail Loyalty, get thorough insights into your moviegoers' spending habits and preferences, so you can optimize your business to suit the tastes of your biggest fans.

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Manage all aspects of your program at your fingertips

Our digital solution gives cinemas full control over their program, enabling them to assign per currency spent points, allocate rewards (Free popcorn? Yes, please!), effortlessly configure point accumulation limits and more.

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Keep moviegoer communication flowing

Filmgrail Loyalty seamlessly connects with Filmgrail Insights and Activate so your cinema can use unique moviegoer signals to send them targeted offers and messages via email, text and app push.

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Cinema loyalty programs are a crucial part of the theatrical ecosystem. Filmgrail Loyalty seamlessly integrates with all our other solutions to enable exhibitors to stay on track of their most loyal customers, drive repeat visits and maximize moviegoer lifetime value.”

Mary Rybakova, Head of Customer Success

Maximize moviegoer lifetime value with Filmgrail Loyalty.

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