Gain a 360 overview of your moviegoers with Filmgrail Insights.

Gather essential audience insights in one place and make data-driven decisions.

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Filmgrail Insights helps you understand how your moviegoers interact across your site and app throughout their entire lifecycle. Use these customer insights to make smarter decisions and drive better results.

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Complete understanding of your moviegoers

Surface all your app and web user data in one place and in real time. See how moviegoers engage with your business and channels.

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Easy data sharing and management

Quickly analyze data with our user-friendly interface. Visualize historical data to get a complete overview of your cinemagoers. Easily share your reports with relevant internal stakeholders.

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Easy integration with your existing tech stack

Bring all your user data together in one place. Our solution is natively built and extensible, allowing for easy integration with other solutions you may have in your existing technology stack.

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Data-driven decisions

By unlocking unique moviegoer insights, empower your team to make better business decisions, enhance your marketing activities and increase your cinema visits.

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Secured infrastructure that works for you

Filmgrail Insights offers technical support and a global infrastructure that delivers secure, accurate data across your website and app while staying fully under your control.

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Seamless integration with Filmgrail Activate

Filmgrail Insights is designed to work seamlessly with our proprietary marketing solution, Filmgrail Activate, saving you time and increasing efficiency.

Get aggregate user insights

The Audience section lets you examine how many users have created user profiles and engaged with your site or app. Analyze users by demographics metrics like age and gender.

  • Registered users report

  • User age report

  • User gender report


View unique engagement insights

The Engagement section lets you examine how users interact with your website or app’s key features and promoted content.

  • User rating report

  • User reviews report

  • Watchlist report

  • Trailer report

  • User session report

  • Promoted content (stories, in-app banners, articles) reports


Measure and control the performance of your automated push notifications

The Digital Box Office section gives you an overview of the amount of tickets sold through your app and website and ticket buyer count.

  • Digital tickets sold reports

  • Ticket buyers reports

  • Seats per purchase report

  • Ticket price report

  • Giftcard report

  • Refunds report

  • Parking discount report

  • Ticket revenue report

  • Checkout flow


View unique engagement insights

The Automated Push Notifications section gives you a performance snapshot of your app’s automated push notifications and helps you assess each notification’s key metrics.

  • Notifications sent report

  • Notifications delivered report

  • Notifications opened report

  • Opt-out report

  • Conversions report

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Our new Filmgrail Insights solution has been a game changer for our cinema clients. Cinemas can now have an even more complete understanding of their cinemagoers’ moviegoing journey. They also have better visibility of how their moviegoers interact with their apps, websites and other marketing efforts.”

Frode Vanger, Head of Sales

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